Philip Blenkinsop Lecture

These week I attend Philip lecture, Philip Blenkinsop is a  renowned photographer and founding member of NOOR Photo Agency. Noor is an International Photo Agency which work worldwide. Noor’s Photographer share concerns, and accept the challenge of expressing these concerns in a language capable of renewing itself,respect the human dignity of their subjects. They are documentary photographers aware of the major changes facing traditional media in favor of an always-bigger diffusion of the new media said their manifesto.


Dhaka, October 2010. Philip delivered his valuable lecture at Drik. Copy Right:Monirul Alam



I like his  lecture and nice presentation- to learn more about latest concept of documentary photography.His thought about the photojournalism is really appreciative. To me I met Philipe he is a nice and friendly person. He came to Bangladesh, secound time for his own project.


I thanks to Pathshala Alumni to conduct  this lecture session specially thanks to Munem Wasif. He takes an good initiative to explore our photographic arena.







Link Page NOOR:


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