People’s Voice | Black flag hoisted in memory of Rajib

© Monirul Alam
© Monirul Alam

Black flags were hoisted at Shahbagh intersection Projonmo Chattar Dhaka and different educational institutions in memory of slain blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 18 February 2013. The protesters, who have been demonstrating since 05 February to call for the execution of alleged perpatrators of war crimes committed during the 1971 War of Liberation in the country, and who are currently being tried by a tribunal, were expressing outrage at the alleged murder of the activist blogger on 15 February. The protesters had earlier agreed to scale back their demonstrations, only to return to non-stop protest action in the wake of the alleged murder of Ahmed Rajib Haider. © Monirul Alam

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