The Idea of India . . . 

23 November 2016 Dhaka, Bangladesh ~ I know Asim, through his works ‘The Idea of India’ and his others Photojournalistic works. To me, Idea of India is a brilliant work especially, I like his narrative words and Images. Recently he visited in Bangladesh and to attend 4th Counter Foto Anniversary Celebration programmed in Dhaka. I was meet him and attend his presentation at Biswya Sahitya Kendra on 23 Nov. 2016. That day he has been presenting ‘Designing Project for Digital Media’ it’s wonderful and more informative update information who like to works in depth photojournalism with Digital Media,it’s really helpful. I love his working way as a independent Photojournalist. Asim Rafiqui presently represent NOOR Images, as a man he is very friendly. Another photographer KM Asad and me meet him and makes an Adda a few minutes with Asim at Chobir Haat on the opening day of Counter Foto exhibition and Anniversary Celebrating day’s. LOVE Asim. 

Asim delivered his lecture at Biswya Sahitya auditorium in Dhaka © Monirul Alam

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