400 shanties gutted in Dhaka Bangladesh

©Monirul Alam

17 Nov. 2011. Dhaka.Bangladesh-People search for belongings after a devastating fire at a slum at Mohammadpur Rayer Bazar in Dhaka, A devastating fire gutted around 400 shanties of a slum in the capital’s Rayer Bazar area Thursday afternoon. The blaze completely damaged two under-construction buildings adjacent to the tin-shed slum in Battala  Rayer Bazar . At least 2,000 people, mostly garment workers and rickshaw pullers lost their homes in the incident. ©Monirul Alam http://monirul.photoshelter.com/

One thought on “400 shanties gutted in Dhaka Bangladesh

  1. Fire is an imperative thing in human life, but uncontrolled fire is such a risky and dangerous thing also. It more or less happened in industrial sector and sometimes residential area also. Only way to avoid any kind of fire accident is awareness of causes of fire and the precautions. The government as well as everybody should aware of causes of uncontrolled fire and fire fighting.

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