Celebrating  Pahela Baishakhi 1422 | Bangladesh 

14 April 2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh. The nation began celebrating Pahela Baishakh the first day of Bangla month 1422, with various programs since the early morning on 14 April 2015 Dhaka Bangladesh. Cultural organization Chhayanat welcomed the new year with Tagore’s songs and traditional music at Ramna Batamul, attended by tens of thousands of people attired with traditional attires on the occasion. Cultural activists, artists and students of Faculty of Fine Arts held the Mongol Shova Jatra, the mass rally, with the theme ‘Onek Alo Jalte Hobe Moner Ghore Let’s light thousand lights in the darkness of our heart’ in downtown Dhaka, Bangladesh.It’s day for friends and family,wearing colorful dress and having traditional food. Photo by Monirul Alam




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