Curious Eye . . . 


© Monirul Alam
ZOHIR 08 years old with his little brother MAYHEN 01, leaved in Kamrangir Char, Dhaka, Bangladesh with his family. Zohir works as a child labour and to support his family, they have a little balloon factory, its operate his father name ZAKIR HOSSAIN and his mother name is BEAUTY,  have three children. ZOHIR said, after finished my school, I support my family to make a balloon. It is our families business, we operate it long year ago. 

Child labour is very common in Bangladesh. Many families rely on the income generated by their children for survival. Employers often prefer to employ children because they are cheaper and considered to be more compliant and obedient than adults . 
Child labor, although illegal in most of the countries, but still work on a wide level, primarily in the developing country. In Bangladesh poverty leads many families here to send their children to work, thousands of children tread their childhood, education and potential in order to work long hours in horrible conditions. © Monirul Alam

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